The National Algorithm

A research project designed to investigate algorithmic representation of the modern nation state focused through the tensions inherent in camouflage patterning. The practical need for concealment finds itself in contrast with the need or wish to project an identity, and through the history of military camouflage and it’s multiple layerings of appropriation through various (sub)cultures it has become loaded with meaning that may not be immediately apparent.

These tensions and history are explored through a reverse-engineering of the Netherlands Fractal Pattern, to create a camouflage for the Dutch cultural phenomenon “Oranje”.

For more information on the background of the project: Introducing The National Algorithm

Concept & Design:
Sjef van Gaalen

Cavalieri Kostumes

Project Advisors:
Samuel de Goede
Hans de Zwart

Tim Mooij-Knip

Kings-day crew:
Dayna Casey
Ania Molenda
Benjamin van Gaalen

Sven Farinum
Jet Sennema

Special Thanks:
Hackers & Designers
Martin Hogervorst & Alexander Toet
Natalie Kane
Suzanne Knip-Mooij
Adriaan Wormgoor
Dorien Zandbergen

The National Algorithm is supported by a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL program for Digital Culture.