Autonomous Agents for Regenerative Ecologies

An exploration of alternative modes of incorporation, including non-human entities and extrapolating possible cultural, economic and ecological consequences.

Landscape degeneration is a phenomenon at planetary scale. Some see this century as the age of ecological regeneration; bringing areas back to life, with the return of water, vegetation and all manner of organisms reappearing. This could then be considered ‘The Great Work’ for humanity. But are humans best suited for all aspects of this task? This lab explored the potential role of (automated) technologies in this context, engaging with questions such as: Could landscapes engage in self-regeneration if they form alliances with the right technologies? What would such systems entail? Bringing together field-workers and field-thinkers from the environmental avant-garde who work at the level of community, the lab embraced technology and digital data to design and develop actual applications of autonomous agents in regenerative ecological practice.

Lab report by Het Nieuwe Instituut